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24 December
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If you really want to know about Me, you can read about Me here where there are countless books on the subject:


Alright, let Me break it down for you in a very simple way. Hopefully this is something that will cause less controversy than some of the things about Me that are circulating out there.

1. We are all One.
2. There's Enough.
3. There's Nothing We Have [an obligation] to Do.
4. Ours Is Not A Better Way, Ours Is Merely Another Way.

Of course, knowing that everything you do causes consequences, and that it might be smart not to do things that bring would cause a dire consequence. Of course, looking at history and the nature of how people and situations tend to be, not everyone chooses to act with intelligence. But that doesn't mean I love them any less.

OOC: THIS JOURNAL IS MEANT FOR FUN! It is not meant for writng and RP and the mun does not claim to be an expert on religious theology. It really all started with a conversation between muns about our characters talking to and interacting with G*d. So....that being said, please just take it for the fun it was intended - sort of like the movies, "Bruce Almighty" and "Evan Almighty" where G*d is portrayed by none other than Morgan Freeman.

I am not Morgan Freeman. I just am someone who loves his movies and thinks it was fabulous that he decided to play the Almighty.